May, 2014

The Princes in the Tower & the Murder of the Lannister Nephews

When the vengeful Lord Rickard Karstark murders Robb Stark’s hostages (Tywin’s nephews Willem and Martyn Lannister) in their beds, once again we see the motif of the murdered Princes in the Tower – even though the hostages are the sons of lords and not kings.  Although the Lannister nephews aren’t particularly memorable, their murders are important.  They unleash a chain of events that ultimately leads to the Red Wedding. Although nobody knows if the Princes in the Tower were murdered, traditionally…

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Hey Good Looking, What’s Cooking? Cannibalism in the Middle Ages

In a stomach turning scene, Game of Thrones depicted the Thenn – a hybrid of the A Song of Ice and Fire Skagosi and Thenn – roasting an “arm of Crow”. In Game of Thrones, the Thenn, a free folk who came from the most northern regions beyond the Wall, are cannibalistic. They like to feast on their enemies. Did cannibals exist in the Middle Ages? Yes, they did: both in folklore and in fact. Sawney Bean No doubt the…

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