About Jamie Adair

Jamie Adair is a Boston-based writer who loves the Wars of the Roses and medieval history. She is the editor of History Behind Game of Thrones.


Note the white rose, symbol of the House of York, in my hand. 🙂

A little about me…

I’m originally Canadian, but I lived in England (Bletchley/Milton Keynes in fact) as a child. My father worked for Canada’s Foreign Affairs department, and they loaned him to the British government for a few years. One summer, we took a canal boat trip up the Thames where I was introduced to the magic of Tudor England. Perhaps, it was the lavish dresses or the gruesome idea of a king chopping off his wife’s head, but I was hooked!


In front of Windsor Castle – where it all began.

Many many years later, I became fascinated by the Wars of the Roses after asking one pivotal question, “Was Henry VIII a sociopath?” To try to answer this question, in true Freudian fashion, I began reading about Henry VIII’s childhood. However, this raised more questions, “What was Henry VII like? Was he really the miser contemporaries claimed? Was there more to this bland milkwater king?”

As I began to read further back in time trying to answer these questions, I encountered the tantalizing mystery of the Princes in the Tower – and then I was hooked. I’ve been reading about the Wars of the Roses for the last ten years and I love it!

I created this blog to share my love of the period. In a truly shallow, “I want you to like what I like” or “I want to share something I found that’s really fun” kind of way, I hope this blog will help more people get into the Wars of the Roses simply just because I think its fun. There is no noble purpose here other than pleasure.

George RR Martin is a genius. I love Game of Thrones because, when you strip away the fantasy elements, Game of Thrones helps us feel what the middle ages might have been like in a visceral gritty way. By using modern English and reducing the alienating or distancing medieval language, Martin has helped translate the middle ages for the modern person.

I’m hoping this blog can help you use Game of Thrones as a window or fun way to learn about history.

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