Announcement: The White Queen & Missing Article

annoucements-historygotre: the article “5 Historical Inaccuracies in The White Queen Costumes and Set”

Last night, I accidentally released a blast promoting an unfinished article “5 Historical Inaccuracies in The White Queen Costumes and Set.”

First of all, my apologies.

Second,  I’m currently working on a new section of the History Behind Game of Thrones site about The White Queen.

Unfortunately, while working on the test site (“sandbox”), I published an article privately but this sent out a social media blast with a link to the main site. However, the article isn’t finished – so I haven’t posted it here yet.

To everyone who has come here today looking for the article, I’m very sorry. Also, I’m sorry I didn’t publicly note the issue earlier. I thought I’d caught the problem when I deleted the post off the “History Behind Game of Thrones” FaceBook feed. Whoops.

In case you’re wondering, I’m not sure yet when The White Queen section will be ready because I’m wrestling with web programming issues. <sigh> I’m hoping the new section will be ready before The White Queen debuts in the United States (August 10).

For those of you wondering if I’m abandoning Game of Thrones, I’m not. I love the Game of Thrones so I’m still going to blog about it. However, a second show based on the Wars of the Roses is too much for me to resist, so I’m going to do some posts about it as well.

Thanks again to all of you for reading! This site has been a lot of fun and I appreciate of your comments and enthusiasm. Thanks for being such great readers!

P.S. This must not be my night because I had to publish this article twice to get it show up on the home page!



Jamie Adair is the editor of History Behind Game of Thrones, a website about the history behind George RR Martin's "A Song of Ice and Fire" novels and the hit TV show, "Game of Thrones."

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