Matthew Blair

Matthew Blair

Matthew Blair is an avid lover of all things fantasy. He graduated with a BA in History from Stetson University and a keen interest in all the parts that have lots of blood and gore. When he's not obsessing over Game of Thrones, he spends his time writing the webcomic "The Secret Lives of Villains," which can be found on his website If you'd like to ask a question or say hello feel free to reach out to him on his Twitter feed @mblair112.


Stannis & Fortune’s Wheel

This article is from Matthew Blair, owner and author of Cambrian Comics. Please give him a warm welcome. It’s widely known that Game of Thrones has drawn quite a bit of inspiration and thematic material from history, current and ancient politics, and culture.  However, the show’s reverence for the past also extends to more abstract themes like philosophy and world outlook, which is what we are going to be looking at today. One of the most prevalent and widely discussed…

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