Ross Wittenham

Ross is a writer and editor who runs the History Mine blog, has an unholy love of fine cheeses and a minor obsession with his hair. History Mine investigates the ways history is portrayed in the world around us. Expect cursing, pop culture references, and lots of cool videos, pictures and such.

Dorne’s Debt to the Dorians

Many thanks to Ross Wittenham for this article. Ross is the mastermind behind History Mine, a delightful website that sees the modern in the historical. Definitely check it out and please give Ross a warm welcome! With a lot more of the new season focusing on Dorne, it’s worth having a deeper look at the principality’s background. In particular, I want to investigate the parallels between the Dornishmen and the Dorians. If you haven’t heard of them before, the Dorians…

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The Night’s Watch, the Grey Wardens, and Historical Martial Orders

The following article is courtesy of Ross Wittenham. Ross writes about the relationship between the medieval and the modern at HistoryMine ( (Due to technical issues, please copy the URL into your browser.)  Please welcome Ross and check out his website. The fantasy genre has been heavily influenced by both real-world history and also other works of fantasy. One comparison that I have come across a fair bit in my <ahem> questing is the comparison between A Song of Ice and…

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