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I’ve been reviewing books on Goodreads for older, out-of-print books, obscure books, and books that I suspect many people might not know about. (I also write reviews if I have something to say about a controversial book like Ann Wroe’s The Perfect Prince.) These reviews also appear on this blog and are linked below.

Admittedly, these reviews are not publication quality. If I was reviewing a book for a newspaper or a giveaway, I’d put much more effort into them. These reviews are just meant to be “quick and dirty” guidance to help researchers.

As I write about in this post, I review obscure books to help Wars of the Roses buffs and researchers find items they may not have heard of and to give back into the ecosystem. (I also write reviews because I’m hoping that people will tell me about books I haven’t heard about. 🙂 )

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Would You Like Your Book Reviewed? A Note to Authors and GoT Paraphernalia Store Owners

I would love to have giveaways on this site. I think they’d be a ton of fun. My old employer used to give away tons of prizes every year at the Thanksgiving luncheon and everyone had a fabulous time. I’d love to recreate that on this blog.


If you are an author and would like your non-fiction history book reviewed on this blog, please contact me. I would be very interested in helping you promote your book by reviewing it and then giving away the reviewer’s copy in a giveaway. The site reach is moderately high and demographics are available upon request. (If you contact me and don’t think the site has enough reach, I won’t be offended.)

The book must relate to the historical basis for Game of Thrones, including the Dark Ages, Vikings, the Hundred Years’ War, Ancient Greece, the Crusades, the Wars of the Roses, Medieval Scotland, and others.

I’d be open to helping promote other books as well, including fiction, but they need to be something that Game of Thrones fans who are also history buffs would find interesting.

GoT and Medieval Paraphernalia

If you have a business that sells Game of Thrones or medieval paraphernalia, such as T-shirts, wooden swords, coffee mugs, and other collectibles, and you’d like me to promote them through a giveaway, please contact me.

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