Review: Elizabeth of York, the Mother of Henry VIII

Elizabeth of York, the Mother of Henry VIIIElizabeth of York, the Mother of Henry VIII by Nancy Lenz Harvey

My rating: 4 of 5 stars

This is a very old book, written in 1973, but it is one of the few books about Elizabeth of York. (I believe there are four books, including the ones by Okerlund, Amy Licence, and (upcoming) Alison Weir.)

I’m always inclined to be generous when rating books on tougher subjects – like women – where the sources are scant. I also am fairly generous because I’m often just grateful somebody has written *something* on the more obscure topics.

With that said, the author takes some imaginative or speculative leaps, I think, which I don’t love. However, unlike many books on more obscure WOTR figures, the author attempts to talk about *Elizabeth of York’s* life rather than the people and events around her.

Lenz provides some interesting color about royal baptisms, EofY’s early betrothal to George Neville (Warwick’s nephew). I think the book is worth reading, provided you check the sourcing on points you haven’t seen elsewhere and are on guard for imaginative speculation. Some history buffs might score this book lower for that reason alone, however, I’m inclined to give it a good rating anyway. I think Lenz provides enough interesting points that the desperate reader will still get something out of it.

By Jamie Adair

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