Game of Thrones


Interview with Galileu Magazine – NEWS – The True Game of Thrones

Today Galileu, a Brazilian magazine about science and culture, interviewed me about my take on the history behind Game of Thrones. Here is a link to the article: A verdadeira Guerra dos Tronos. I’ll try to post an English translation of it soon. In the meantime, here are a couple of images taken of version translated using Google:      

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Favorite Game of Thrones Character Poll Results

Sorry these poll results have taken so long to post. When I first looked at the poll, it had only gotten an embarrassing six votes so I kind of gave up on it. But, I thought I’d better check again today and noticed that 96 people have answered – I’m thrilled. Thanks! It was great and really cool to see what characters people like. I have to admit I love Arya and Tyrion. However, there are so many great characters…

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Write Like the Wind (George RR Martin)

I am not a big YouTube person, but I spotted this “encouraging” little video in the Wall Street Journal and thought it was hilarious. It looks like an oldie, but a goodie, so I thought I’d share it. The video suggests George RR Martin needs to write faster or else HBO will catch up with him. The singers profess they need their next fix of 900 page “nerd crack.” Greg “Storm” DiCostanzo and Paul Sabourin of geekandsundry did the video— highlights include…

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Welcome to my blog about the historical events that may have inspired George RR Martin’s Game of Thrones – specifically events from the War of the Roses. I love the War of the Roses period in England (1450-1483 or arguably 1525). It is just as exciting, dynamic, dramatic, and violent as George RR Martin’s novels. Uncovering the real events that inspired parts of Game of Thrones takes us on a journey into one of the most mysterious and incredible times…

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