Nights Watch

The Wall – by Historian John Henry Clay

This week we are delighted and honored to have an article by historian and novelist John Henry Clay. Dr. Clay is a lecturer in medieval history at Durham University and the author of The Lion and the Lamb, an epic novel of Roman Britain. When it comes to real-world inspirations behind Game of Thrones, they don’t come much more obvious than Hadrian’s Wall. The Romans called it uallum Aelii, ‘the frontier of Aelius’, using Emperor Hadrian’s family name. In interviews…

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The Night’s Watch, the Grey Wardens, and Historical Martial Orders

The following article is courtesy of Ross Wittenham. Ross writes about the relationship between the medieval and the modern at HistoryMine ( (Due to technical issues, please copy the URL into your browser.)  Please welcome Ross and check out his website. The fantasy genre has been heavily influenced by both real-world history and also other works of fantasy. One comparison that I have come across a fair bit in my <ahem> questing is the comparison between A Song of Ice and…

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