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Edward IV’s Relationships, Robert Baratheon’s Death

In my last post, I wrote about the complexities of medieval relationships in the Wars of the Roses. This post, which builds on the last one, primes you on Edward IV’s relationships, the complexities of which form the basis of Robert Baratheon’s last days. Like Robert Baratheon, Edward IV was close to several different noble families. In Robert’s case, he was close to the Starks, the Lannisters, Jon Arryn, and others. As these families pursued their interests, hatred arose. Similar to…

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Many Thrones Storylines from Edward IV’s Life

Game of Thrones is not simply re-enacting the events in the Wars of Roses. For example, George RR Martin doesn’t have one character who completely embodies Edward IV and participates in all the events in Edward’s life. Instead, Martin slices up some of the most interesting aspects of Edward’s life and, possibly so he can shrink the time period, gives them to different characters. For example, like I discussed in this Robert Baratheon post and this Robb Stark post, Martin assigns: Young…

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