End of Season 3

This was a fantastic season on Game of Thrones. I really enjoyed it–for better or for worse, it certainly had some of TVs most memorable moments. I’m sad the season is over so quickly. I wasn’t sure what to do or if people will keep reading this blog now that the season is over, but I really enjoy writing the posts so I’m going to keep blogging.

To prevent spoilers, my blog posts will continue focusing on events depicted in Seasons 1 to 3. But, I may refer to the books the show has covered to date as well.

In terms of history, I’m going to start branching out from the Wars of the Roses a little bit. George RR Martin draws from a surprising range of historical periods, so I think it would be fun to try to look at these areas.

I’ve also found quite a few ancient posts from Martin himself elaborating a tiny bit on the historical basis for his work. I’m going to start sharing those posts with some commentary. I’m also hoping to get into a better publishing rhythm. Because of the research required for each post, I usually aim for once per week, but I’m hoping to increase this.

As usual, suggestions, comments, and corrections are always very welcome – either here, via email, or on Twitter. I’d love it if people commented more, disagreed, or asked questions. My Richard III post was one of the more controversial ones, so maybe I should try writing something related to Richard again?

I’m frequently dazzled by the depth of George RR Martin’s knowledge and scholarship. While I know the Wars of the Roses fairly well, I have to “dig deep” to find the events he uses. Doing the research is great. I’ve learned a lot and I’m constantly finding  fantastic new reading material.

Thanks for being such a great audience. I’m looking forward to the summer and learning more about Martin’s fascinating world.


Warmest wishes,



Jamie Adair is the editor of History Behind Game of Thrones, a website about the history behind George RR Martin's "A Song of Ice and Fire" novels and the hit TV show, "Game of Thrones."

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