Lovers and Old Friends Reunite: Season 8, Episode 2 Recap

This may be the perfect episode for it evokes in the viewer – at least this viewer – a faint replica of feeling the events evoked in its participants. As the series marches towards its finale, I find myself filled with sadness and a desire to linger, just like the lovers and old friends who spent their last night together before death marches on Winterfell. For the last two episodes, I’ve been struck by how much this feels like CS…

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Jenny’s Song: The Last Night

In Episode 2 of the final season, as he sat by the fire on what may be the beginning of a very long night,  perhaps the longest of nights — Tyrion requests that somebody sings a song. Podrick Payne (Daniel Portman) obliges — and sings the haunting song of Jenny of Oldstones. The song appears in the books. And this fire lit episode was the perfect place for it. The episode is a prelude to tragedy because we know that…

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The Symmetry in the First Episode of the Last Season

This is a very late recap-ish post because I was sick with bronchitis on Sunday night. But, despite nearly hacking up a lung, I loved every minute of Sunday night’s show. Every season, I have a debate about whether I want to write a book or continue blogging. And every season I vow that I will limit blogging and write a book. At 376 posts, many of which are 2000-5000 words, this website has a lot of content (not all…

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The Penultimate Season’s Finale Delivers Chills

The finale of Game of Thrones‘ second last season delivers some long-awaited moments and solid chills (no pun intended). Let’s take a look. Parley in the Dragon Pit The Lannisters and the Targaryens meet to discuss a potential truce so Daenerys’ armies can march north to fight the armies of the dead. The decrepit dragon pit is a great choice for the truce talks. The pit represents the beginning of the end of Targaryen power. The Targaryens stabled their dragons…

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Tyrion Pushes Dany to Name a Successor & Elizabeth I’s Succession Troubles

In a cozy fireside chat, Tyrion ponders, if not frets, about how dangerous it will be for Daenerys to negotiate with Cersei in King’s Landing. But, then he makes the mistake of bringing up her succession.  The Dragon Queen already has her scales ruffled; Tyrion just criticized her for incinerating the Tarlys. So, perhaps, this isn’t the best time for him to bring up Daenerys’ death. Daenerys responds as you might expect – annoyed that Tyrion is already contemplating her…

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Baby’s Got Blue Eyes: Recap “Beyond the Wall”

Before tonight’s episode, journalists laid odds as to which member of Jon’s ranging party would die north of the Wall at Eastwatch-by-the-Sea. Tonight’s episode offered lots of thrills and was a game changer. There’s intrigue at Winterfell, but it’s far from clear (to me at least) who is playing whom. Intrigue at Winterfell The Stark sisters are not getting along – and, frankly, it reminds me of nothing so much as the Wars of the Roses. Littlefinger turned the already…

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