Daenerys Targaryen


Breaking the Wheel – Hardhome Recap (Part I)

Because “Hardhome” (Ep. 7, Season 5) is nearly twenty minutes longer than most episodes, I’m publishing this recap in two parts. (The second part is dedicated specifically to the events at the Hardhome settlement.) In this episode, we see how dark both Stark sisters have become as a result of the horrors of the War of Five Kings. Arya’s character arc has been on a dark, downward spiral for quite some time. Her nightly prayers focus on killing the people on…

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Daenerys and Elizabeth I: Iconic Queens

Daenerys Targaryen, arguably one of the most popular and iconic of the Game of Thrones characters, has been often compared to the least popular Tudor monarch Henry VII. Her removal from the center of the story, her connection to dragons, and the implied dark horse victory that the majority of fans are anticipating at the end of the series, certainly make this comparison plausible. Despite this, Daenerys exhibits, many of the personal characteristics and story arcs of another, and much…

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Sparta: The Inspiration Behind the Unsullied?

Recently, in the comments of this post, “K. Wolf” asked if I take requests (I do) and if I could write an article about the Unsullied. He wrote, “I read book 3 <Storm of Swords> and I was wondering about the Unsullied. Their training seemed unbelievably cruel and I was wondering if that was based on real history.” There are many parallels between the Unsullied, the disciplined eunuch-warrior slaves,  and Spartan history. In fact, there are so many similarities it…

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Second Sons

In Game of Thrones, bands of soldiers-for-hire (known as “sellswords”) sell their fighting services to the highest bidder. Without loyalty to a country or king, they fight for whomever holds their contract. In the “Second Sons” (Season 3, episode 8), Daenarys encounters a company of sellswords in Yunkai known as the Second Sons.   “Men who fight for gold have neither honor nor loyalty. They cannot be trusted.” – Ser Barristan Selmy  “They can be trusted to kill you if they are…

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Daenerys as Henry VII

After seeing the phenomenal ending of this week’s Game of Thrones episode (“And Now His Watch is Ended” Season 3, Episode 4), I find myself wondering once again if Daenerys Targaryen is an incarnation of Henry VII? Henry VII, founder of the Tudor dynasty and father of Henry VIII, was the unlikeliest conqueror when his soldiers slew Richard III and Henry overthrew the Yorkist dynasty. Through his Lancastrian mother, Henry Tudor had a watery claim to the throne. After somebody, possibly…

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