Ghost and Other Dogs of War

When Jon said goodbye to Ghost after the Battle of Winterfell, the poor pup didn’t exactly get his due. Still covered with blood from two days earlier and missing an ear, Ghost looked like a poster boy for an ASPCA ad. Did real armies ever use dogs in combat? You betcha… and this goes all the way back to antiquity. ~~Violence Warning: This article contains descriptions that some readers may find disturbing.~~ War Dogs War dogs must have presented a…

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Is Shaggydog Dead? Symbolic Direwolf Names and Ironic Reversals

[Like all fan theories, this article may have spoilers.] Many Game of Thrones fans harbor theories about the direwolves.  Summer’s death – if he did die – made it clear that the name “Summer” wasn’t foreshadowing an outcome of salvation but rather the death of Bran’s dreams of his own halcyon “summer” days.  (He might not be quite so indulgent with the greensight after his losses last Sunday night.) The direwolf names appear to symbolize the fate and arc of…

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