Hardhome – Recap, Part 2

One of the most thrilling revelations this season is the battle at the settlement in the “Hardhome” episode (Season 5, Episode 7). We get a preview of what the Long Night — the dark winter in which the White Walkers attack — will be like if the Night’s Watch doesn’t figure out how to stop the wights and White Walkers. Incidentally, most people in Westeros believe the Long Night is just a fairy tale. According to legend, the Long Night…

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Breaking the Wheel – Hardhome Recap (Part I)

Because “Hardhome” (Ep. 7, Season 5) is nearly twenty minutes longer than most episodes, I’m publishing this recap in two parts. (The second part is dedicated specifically to the events at the Hardhome settlement.) In this episode, we see how dark both Stark sisters have become as a result of the horrors of the War of Five Kings. Arya’s character arc has been on a dark, downward spiral for quite some time. Her nightly prayers focus on killing the people on…

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