Haunted: Harrenhal & Shakespeare’s Bloody Pomfret

What do Shakespeare and George RR Martin have in common? Apart from seeking inspiration from history, both writers may have immortalized Pontefract Castle in Yorkshire, England. George RR Martin may have found inspiration in the dark legend of Pontefract when he created “grim, unlucky” “cursed” Harrenhal. Pontefract Castle has been engulfed in so much ill luck, death, torture and destruction that, in its time, contemporaries feared it. To add to its cursed reputation, Pontefract’s first owner built it on a Anglo-Saxon…

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The Seven Kingdoms

Episodes: Season 1, Episode 10 “Fire and Blood” Three hundred years before the Game of Thrones era, there were seven independent kingdoms – the Kingdoms of the North, the Vale, the Isles and Rivers, the Rock, and the Reach; the Storm Kingdom; and the Kingdom of Dorne.  However, Aegon Targaryen and his two sisters flew dragons over those kingdoms and burned the people into submission. This event, known as Targaryen Conquest, merged the seven kingdoms into one mega kingdom under House…

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