Purple Wedding


A cursed match? Botticelli & the Purple Wedding

Many A Song of Ice and Fire fans have a bone or two to pick with the Game of Thrones TV show. They feel the television show is adulterating the beloved novels. And, that’s fair. The television adaptation can be omissive and sometimes alters the original storyline. But it is worth pointing out that film is not an inferior medium to literature: film is not the ugly red-haired step-child of the literary world. Film conveys its artistic worth through different channels: costume, music,…

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Drunk at a Wedding? How Attila & Joffrey Died – Attila Part 3

Drunk and staggering, a bloody death from esophageal cancer, poison, murder – how Attila the Hun died is a 1500-year old murder mystery and may be the historical basis of Joffrey Baratheon’s murder – despite George RR Martin’s fishy story about it being based on Prince Eustace’s death. This article looks at Attila’s death, especially in light of Dr. Michael Babcock’s remarkable book, The Night Attila Died, and shows the similarities to Joffrey’s death. According to various legends and historians,…

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Whodunnit? Olenna Tyrell and the Usual Suspects

Warning: Fourth Season TV SPOILERS – Possible Spoilers from Tonight’s Episode The A  Song of Ice and Fire novels still have not revealed definitively who killed Joffrey. Recently, Rolling Stone ran a teaser promoting a longer interview with George RR Martin in which the great one replied to the question we all want to know: “Who killed Joffrey?” Note George RR Martin’s key words: “I make no promises, because I have two more books to write, and I may have more surprises to…

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Purple Wedding: Joffrey and the Death of Eustace of Boulogne

  According to George RR Martin, the Purple Wedding was partially based on events at the tail-end of the Anarchy: the death of King Stephen’s heir Prince Eustace. Here’s the dramatic, turbulent story and its background… [Jump over the background] The King’s Heir is a Girl Before Henry I died, he named his daughter Matilda heir and made his barons swear allegiance to her. The barons must have been play acting: nobody believed a woman could rule. The oath would…

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George RR Martin Reveals History Behind Purple Wedding!

Yesterday was what could only be described as a day of national rejoicing. Jubilant people tweeted about the #PurpleWedding over 23,000 times. One of my favorites was Stephen King’s tweet: Around the same time, George RR Martin revealed that the Purple Wedding is partially based on the death of King Stephen’s heir, who was one of the principal combatants in the Anarchy. (Think: the Pillars of the Earth war that began with the sinking of the White Ship.) Martin’s exact words…

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Episode Recap: The Purple Wedding (S4, Ep.2) – Spoilers

Last tonight was the highly anticipated Purple Wedding, and George RR Martin does not disappoint. A wedding in Westeros should carry a safety warning on its invitations. The episode opens with a horrific scene of right out of Greek mythology. Theon’s back – now as Reek – and as the ultimate symbol of his powerlessness, Ramsay forces Reek to participate in a nightmarish hunt right out of a Greek mythology. Ramsay and his bedwarmer Myranda are hunting a terrified blonde…

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