Ramsay Snow


Does Ramsay Need to Kill His Rivals?

This article contains spoilers for Game of Thrones Season 6, Episode 2. Growing up abused and unsure of his place in his father’s household, is it any wonder Ramsay doesn’t want any rivals? The scene will chill your blood. Not only does Ramsay kill the father whom he appeared to love so deeply, he feeds his stepmother and baby brother to his dogs.  As Ramsay coolly explains to Walda moments before her death, “I prefer being an only child.” But,…

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Marital Rape: A violation we’d rather forget

I’ve taken too long to comment on Sunday night’s episode because frankly it is a difficult subject and I’ve rewritten many drafts of this article as I try to figure out how I feel. This is the first half of my editorial. My apologies for the delay.   Sansa’s rape has offended and outraged fans, journalists, and even American senators. Websites like The Mary Sue have announced they will no longer cover Game of Thrones due to its repeated portrayal of rape. The Washington…

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Flaying Update, House Bolton, & Other Types of Skinners (Second Sons)

Flaying update? Just what you wanted, right? (I was relieved not to see Theon in “Two Swords” (last Sunday night) because, frankly, I find the Theon scenes a little hard to watch. With that said, sometimes the gory can be a little fascinating.) A while back, I wrote an article about House Bolton and flaying in the Middle Ages. Here are a few tidbits I’ve learned since then that I thought I’d share with you – these ones are a…

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