Breaking the Wheel – Hardhome Recap (Part I)

Because “Hardhome” (Ep. 7, Season 5) is nearly twenty minutes longer than most episodes, I’m publishing this recap in two parts. (The second part is dedicated specifically to the events at the Hardhome settlement.) In this episode, we see how dark both Stark sisters have become as a result of the horrors of the War of Five Kings. Arya’s character arc has been on a dark, downward spiral for quite some time. Her nightly prayers focus on killing the people on…

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‘The White Queen’ Episode 3 Recap: Stormy Times Ahead for Isabel

As this week’s episode opens, Warwick and George have betrayed Edward and are attempting to oust him from power. Last week, although imprisoned by Warwick, Edward got a message to Elizabeth and warned her to flee. If George has a boy, all will be lost. Fearing for her life after Warwick executed her father and brother, Elizabeth and her children have barricaded themselves in the Tower of London, preparing for a siege.  As the show begins, Elizabeth frets about Edward’s safety and…

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