New Identities: “The High Sparrow” (Recap: Episode 3, Season 5)

“The High Sparrow” (Episode 3, Season 5) is all about shifting identities. Many of the characters take on new roles and shed old ones. Transformation is key in this episode. Arya continues her stay with the faceless men of Braavos. Margaery becomes a Baratheon (again) when she marries Tommen. Tommen becomes a married man. Cersei is no longer queen. Sansa agrees to marry again. Winterfell not only has a new lord in residence but its facelift is underway. Jon makes…

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Does Sansa Suck?

Recently, some of you put some great comments on the first post about Sansa Stark . One person wrote that it’s unfair to put Sansa down for not being assertive — after all she is a prisoner.  The comment writer also scolded me a bit for being sexist by equating femininity with passivity and denigrating them both. These are actually fair points. Some of you have argued that finding Sansa annoying is subjective. Sure, it’s subjective. You can’t measure “annoyingness” and not everyone…

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